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Joyfully celebrates the union of man and woman, made in the image and likeness of God, redeemed by Christ and inspired by the Spirit to bring each other, their family, and friends into union with the loving God through their love for each other. 


When a man and a woman are called by Christ to join their lives together, to share his love and walk together on the road of salvation, the whole community wants to rejoice with them. We in St Fillan’s and St Margaret’s want to support and nurture the call to Holy Matrimony. 


Please contact Canon Tom at least six months, and, if possible longer, before the date of the wedding. It is preferable to do this before booking venues for receptions as there may be a good reason why the marriage cannot be celebrated on a particular day.


Weddings are not permitted on Good Friday or Holy Saturday.


We understand that for a variety of reasons people very often wish to celebrate their marriage other than in the parish where they live. However, our normal policy is to celebrate weddings in St Fillan’s and St Margaret’s only with members of our own community or their children, or others who have certain rights here and connections with us. 

If anyone from another parish or part of the world wishes to celebrate their marriage

in St Fillan’s or St Margaret’s, Canon Tom asks that they have secured the services of their own celebrant, normally a priest or a deacon, and that they complete all preparation

and paperwork in their own parish.


He asks that the celebrant writes or emails him with an undertaking that this will be done and then the date and time is agreed.


Canon Tom regrets having to ask this of people, but this policy has been adopted because of the relatively large number of people who in the past celebrated their weddings here but did not follow the procedures laid out by the Church and requested by parish priests.


This resulted in Canon Tom having to spend a lot of time rectifying the situation, time which he really did not have.

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