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Penance and Anointing are sacraments of healing, helping the person to move on in their lives and receive Christ’s peace. 


The celebration of God’s forgiveness is one of his great gifts to the Church. The sacrament of penance, or reconciliation or confession, is that great healing of soul, heart and mind, when we are especially troubled by our actions and words which have caused harm to ourselves and others and have pulled us away from God. He calls us back in compassion and understanding to trust in him and accept his mercy. 


The sacrament is normally celebrated in St Fillan’s on a Saturday afternoon from 4.30 pm until 5.15 pm and on request at other times. During Advent and Lent, we are invited to come together as a community to recognise our need of God’s forgiveness in a penitential service when there are usually a number of priests available.


When a person is burdened with sickness or a long-term condition, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals tend to their physical ailments. Illness affects the mind, heart and spirit of a person too. Very often, people feel lonely, vulnerable and unloved. They can even think that they have done something to deserve this condition.


Christ with his Church comes to the person in his sacraments of healing, peace and forgiveness. If someone in the community is suffering from a long term or serious medical condition, please contact Canon Tom to arrange a visit and the celebration of the Sacrament of Anointing.

This sacrament is not the last rites and should not be seen as such. This is, instead, a gift of God, given by Christ in the power of the Spirit to assure the person that they are loved, redeemed

and are healed at the deepest level.



Holy Communion can also be brought to any person who has been unable to attend Mass for some time. If anyone has not been able to get to mass for some weeks, please contact Canon Tom, or arrange someone to contact him, and a visit from him or an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion can be arranged.

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