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A Journey within a Journey

See Change

Our Parish Mission

More or less sure

We talk a lot about journeying these days. We seem less fixated upon the destination, where life may take us, than on how we get there and who we share our voyage with. Maybe because people are more used to travelling – maybe it’s because we are less likely to judge or plan or dictate.

Whatever the reason, one of our favourite answers to the question, “How are you?”, is, “O, getting there.”

Travelling Mercies

Jesus started this journey. He came to us, remember. He lived among us and led people forward in their lives, calling them to follow him. He didn’t say at first where he was going – just that he was moving. And people got up and ran after him.

Why? Because they were looking, and they saw in Jesus something different, something they longed for.

On their travels with him, they saw incredible things, heard words that changed their lives and the lives of others. Jesus showed them how to change direction and gave them fresh purpose.

Where I am, you may also be

Among his last words before his death, were the above. “I shall return to take you with me, so that where I am, you may be also.” He journeyed back to the Father and returned, in the Resurrection and the sending of his Spirit, to open the way for us.


If life is a journey, life in Christ is a journey of faith, hope and love. A journey of joy and purpose. A journey energised by his Spirit.

If Lent reminds us of the journey we are on with Christ, our

Parish Mission

will remind us of why we, like those first disciples, still follow him: to see and change.

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