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A message from Canon Tom

I saw the above ‘Movers and Seekers’ as a suggestion for a faith sharing group with people at different points on their faith journey. When I see a good idea, I ‘borrow’ it (I like to call it research). So, this describes the prayer and discussion that we have with those who are interested in learning more about the Church.

We might be tempted to see the ‘well-established’ Catholics as the ‘movers’, those who witness to the Gospel, worship in faith, and encourage others to think about their beliefs. The ‘seekers’, you might say, are those who are looking for something, perhaps membership in the Church, or who are just scratching an itch.

In fact, it is often the other way around: the ‘movers’ are often those who ask questions that force believers to change their opinion or grow deeper in their relationship with God. At the same time, ‘seekers’ are often people who have been Catholics for many years but have become a little dissatisfied with their understanding of their religion and Church and want something more.

However you see yourself, you would be welcome to join us for our next session on Monday 28th October at 7.30 pm in the Chapel House, Ford Road, Crieff. There are no ‘sign ups’, commitments or oaths sworn in blood! You are free to come, return, or not come back.

I have included on our website some of the topics we covered in our sessions. They give you a flavour of the discussions we have enjoyed. These materials simply provided a starting point and a guide. It is in the sharing that the real meeting takes place between God and all those present.

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