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Children's Service

On the 4th of December we celebrated our Children's Service at St Fillan's RC Parish. We warmly welcomed children from St Dominic's primary and from across the parish with their parents.

The service started with a prayer. Canon Tom lit the candle of the Advent wreath.

It was fantastic seeing so many kids taking part in our service by praying together, listening to what Canon Tom had to say, drawing themselves and colouring Advent & Christmas characters. Parents were delighted to see their kids enjoying themselves.

We must say, they were so well behaved!

At the end a few volunteers (mostly parents) collected the artworks from the children.

All works will be displayed on 5th December at Advent Service.

Afterwards, all parents and kids gathered together at the parish hall to enjoy the buffet organised by Ciara.

A big thanks to Parents, the head teacher of St Dominic's , Mrs Hunter, and nursery head, Mrs Horan, for helping organise the Children's Service. We would also like to thank Ciara, who was responsible for organising the buffet! God Bless you all!

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