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In-Person Mass

Canon Tom would like to convey his thanks to the vast majority of people who, with great generosity of spirit, have done everything they have been asked to do to attend mass in person, from registering for mass and replying to the invitations, to turning up in plenty of time to be seated safely and complying with the regulations.

Unfortunately, there have been an increasing number of incidents of people coming in late. As well as disturbing others who have precious little time in church as it is, and making them uncomfortable, it also puts people’s health at risk and endangers the plans we have to seat safely as many people as we can.

This cannot continue.

If you are late, and we can all be caught out from time to time, please do not enter the church but join us online. If people arriving late continue to enter the church, daily mass will be suspended, and those concerned will no longer receive invitations to attend mass at the weekend.

This may upset some individuals and cause them to separate themselves from the parish community. While this is regrettable and no one wants this, Canon Tom would rather that, than risk the health of the 99 % of people who have very kindly complied with what they have been asked to do.

There will be no further notices given regarding this. Instead, action will be taken starting in November, if people fail to act in the interests of others.

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