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Letter from Bishop concerning Lourdes

Curial Office, 24-28 Lawside Rd. DUNDEE. DD3 6XY email:

3rd March, 2022

Dear Lourdes Pilgrim,


I am writing to you as someone who has participated in the Dunkeld Diocese Pilgrimages to Lourdes in the past, to see whether you might be interested in going to Lourdes this year.

As you know only too well, we have been uncertain as to whether we would be able to make a pilgrimage this year. However, following on a Lourdes Committee Meeting last evening, we have decided to try to form a pilgrimage group.

This letter is not asking you to make a definite commitment, but simply to say that you would be interested in going to Lourdes this year. Once we have an idea of numbers, we can make a more definite proposal.

The pilgrimage this year would depart from Edinburgh by air on Friday, 8th July - Friday, 15th July, 2022. The approximate cost would be hopefully £800-900 for a nice hotel.

It looks as though the Pilgrimage, if we have sufficient interest, may only be for approximately 80 pilgrims this year. However, it would be a start!

If you are interested in going to Lourdes this year, at the above time and with the approximate cost, would you please telephone my secretary, Miss Emily Murphy, on 01382 225453 - or email her with your name and address at:

With every blessing.

+Stephen Robson

Bishop of Dunkeld

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