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St Fillan’s and St Margaret’s

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Fourth Sunday of Advent A

God is With Us

The Preparatory Days of Advent

Monday – Friday (19th-23rd December) Daily Mass 9.30 am St Fillan’s

Thursday 22nd December 9.30 am Mass in St Margaret’s

Facebook Live Service Monday 7 pm Evening Prayer

Celebrating the Birth of our Saviour

Christmas Eve

Mass 4 pm (Young Families and Children) St Fillan’s

Mass 9 pm St Fillan’s

Christmas Day

Mass 9.30 am in St Margaret’s

Mass 11 am in St Fillan’s

The Christmas Feasts

In St Fillan’s

Monday 26th December Feast of St Stephen Mass 9.30 am

Tuesday 27th December Feast of St John the Evangelist Mass 9.30 am

Wednesday 28th December Feast of the Holy Innocents Mass 9.30 am

Thursday 29th December Martyrdom of St Thomas Becket Mass 9.30 am

Friday 30th December Christmas Octave Mass 9.30 am.

In St Margaret’s

Thursday 29th December 9.30 am

Please note change in New Year’s Weekend Masses (Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God): New Year’s Eve 4 pm in St Margaret’s; 5.30 pm in St Fillan’s. New Year’s Day 11 am in St Fillan’s; note: no 9.30 am Mass in St Margaret’s.

Hall Booking: If you would like to book the parish hall, please email Maureen Pearson at

Warm Places’ Scheme

St Fillan’s is taking part in this project and the Parish Hall will be open on Fridays from 2pm – 4pm starting this Friday 2nd December. Please help if you can and if you are able to be involved, please contact Rosanna Ottolini on (01764) 654039

Christians Against Poverty

Thank you for your incredible generosity to this project. This year, again, we are asking for goods or donations to go towards Christmas Hampers for those who are trying to find their way out of debt.

Mary’s Meals

A bit like Peter Kay, after an absence, we have been called again to the Coop to sing Carols on Sunday the 18th of December – the week before Christmas – from 1 pm – 3pm. What a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit!

Icy Weather!

We do have beautiful grounds but the drawback in the winter is obvious. Canon Tom is in negotiations with a company to try to provide some gritting at the weekend but meanwhile we shall have to fend for ourselves. Would you be willing to make yourself available for some snow clearing and gritting? Please contact Canon Tom.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Noreen Reilly and all the deceased members of our family and friends and fellow parishioners at this time.

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