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Newsletter 12th December 2021

St Fillan and St Margaret

Newsletter 12th December 2021

Third Sunday of Advent Cycle C

What must we do to prepare for the Lord?

Sunday Masses

Vigil Mass Saturday 5.30 p.m. St Fillan’s, Crieff

Sunday Mass 9.30 a.m. St Margaret’s, Comrie

Sunday Mass 11 a.m. St Fillan’s, Crieff

Daily Masses and Services

Morning Mass Monday – Friday 9.30 am in St Fillan’s

Funeral Mass for Robbie Welsh 11 am Wednesday 15th December

Morning Prayer during the weekdays of December (Monday-Friday) 8 am in

St Margaret’s

Sacrament of Penance

Canon Tom will be available in the church at 5 pm on Saturdays

Advent Penitential Service

Thanks to all who came and to the priests who helped out

Facebook Live Service Monday

Monday 13th December – Listening to God’s Word

‘Companions on the Journey’ - A Synodal Church

Many thanks to those who came along on Wednesday Evening – a small but powerful meeting. Our next in person meeting is

Wednesday 15th December 7 pm in the Hall

And online

Facebook Live Service 13th December at 7.30 pm

Contacting Canon Tom by Email

If emailing Canon Tom, could you please use the parish email address?

You can still contact him in other ways too!

or obtainable through the website.

Coming back to Mass in person:

Please read the letter form the Bishops’ Conference on Christmas and the restoration of the Sunday Obligation.

It is on our website and there is a link from our Facebook page.

Christmas Services

Our Christmas Masses will be celebrated on the following dates and times:

Christmas Eve

4 pm Vigil Mass for Children and Young Families, St Fillan’s

9 pm Vigil Mass, St Fillan’s

Christmas Day

9.30 am St Margaret’s

11 am St Fillan’s

Please note there will be NO 5.30 pm Vigil Mass for the Sunday. The Sunday morning masses will be as normal.

New Year’s Day

Mass 11 am

Other Sunday Masses as normal (including the Vigil)

Please pray for

the repose of the souls of Johnny Grilli, Robbie Welsh, and all the faithful departed.

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