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Pre-Mass Sanitising Schedule

1. Porch

• Sanitiser table top

• Main door handles and push plate/are around

2. Accessible WC

• WC door surface and both handles

• WC door push plates

• WC flush handle

• WC cistern lid

• WC seat

• Toilet roll holder

• Paper towel holder and waste bin (NB: Empty waste bin into disposables bag after    


• Hand drier surface. Ensure that the drier is switched off and NOT available for use.

3. Church - main chapel

• Door handles and push plates/area around handles

• Pew seats and any individual chairs to be used

• Pew frames in front of and behind seated areas

• All pew ends which abut the central aisle.

• Kneelers

• Any walls adjacent to seats to be used

• Holy Communion station and associated sanitising table top

• Exit door handle, push plate and area around

• Collect used cloths; gloves and paper towels and seal in black bin liner for disposal. 

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